please Don't Visit our Office

Félicité, Seychellen

It's to far from any place of the world.
We have warned you!
For your guidance it's near the equator.

And yes it is true, we don't harm any animals in the Ramos National Park.

If you really want to contact us, than write us an letter and send it via priority.
We will write you back in 24 hours.

Not Our Contacts


Any way we don't use facebook at all, we're not joking.

And we're so sorry, that we can't recover your password, when you haven't even the password to your e-mail address or the e-mail address .


Yes it's fine, somebody said something about an other thing. Yes this short message was it worth.

We're so sorry, we have our own direct contacts and messages.


How can you post here! We don't know, you should ask somebody who has made his life public to the whole world.

Maybe it is so simple that an homo erectus can do it. Don't hesitate to fail!

Google Plus

How it's connected with google my business or is that an other product?

Yes you are in google now. So you live in google, soon will google live in you. So google will become you.

Learn Code with GitHub

Is the logo of GitHub an octopus, a cat, a pentopus, an octapussy ore a git with a hoob head?

We don't know the answer. But we know that you couldn't learn coding on GitHub. You should now how to cod before you us it.

NotOur team

Leonard Dushi

One of his grand grand father invented the shower cabin. Since then he is inspired to do something in the right direction.  

Jaylen Serrano

She don't work here, but we took her picture from the template of the webpage. So do not wonder if she appears in other company's.

Zander Wilkinson

He don't work here, but doesn't he looks very serious with his glasses. We hope that his picture and his namewill impress you.

Abdolreza Shamloo

Hes grandfather invented the shampoo, bot because of patent conflicts with the big pharma they decided to change there name to Shamloo.  

Christina Reese

She really does not work with us, although we would have loved it so much.  We have kept her here to increase our women's quota.

Hamza Vasquez

He also don't work here. Maybe his e model. If somebody knows him, than give him our contact data. So that we can evolve him to look good for our company.

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