DevUpsOps over AI

We are working on the newest future trend. DevUpsOps over AI is the ultimate solution to predict all DevUps and UpsOps in a DevOps Environment. That was only possible because we have generated all possilble issuese with the only one working fix to train our AI. At the moment we are still searching for the solution how to interprate the results of our work. We could make it public as soon as we have found a solution for this newissue.

NEW Generation AI

AI is a very difficult part of science and not so easy to handle. Therefore we asked ourselves, how can we make AI faster and easier than others? What are the problems that AI specialists have with Big Data today? We could define the problem, it was the complexity of electronics in combination with AI. So we said to ourselves, let's make it easier! So we kept the AI and we developed the electronics back to mechanics. But that wasn't enough. We said to ourselves, if that's possible, we'll take one step back to the steam engines. With all our efforts we created a completely new generation of AI over steam technology.

We decided to keep all our knowledge and the AI steam engine secret. The only thing we can tell our customers is that we use it for our internal AI services.


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