We build code, but not for you

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This sentence above was so much better than our own, that we left it that way. It is true we can program something, but our service prices are between India and South Africa. So we have so much to do, that we are below the see level.

We wanted to continue advertising here, but google translate went on strike and fell because of the great stress, not anymore.

Please come back another time to be advertised from us!

If you want to buy clickmania.ch, we sell it only for three dinners we like and for 1 kg of pure gold for every letter in the domain name and for the dot before the nickname we want have at least an 32 carat diamond. If you don't have this things, than don't contact us, if you have this things than maybe the dinner wold be a hurdle for you!

Enthusiasts could buyalso the alias www. with the dot. 

The sub domain shop.clickmania.ch will be our's for lifetime, it's unsaleable, for sure!
Our online shop will be soon available, you will understand why.

But if you have a huge ego and even a huger bank account, we will sell nearly everything to you. Please notice that we will compete with Elon Musk with our revenue. If you'r Elon Musk, hi there! Otherwise, we wish you good luck for the future.



Web and Application for very fast and good results. Please notice that we will show you some references soon. Otherwise trust us blind.

Endroid Ups

Really JAVA can be fast, but not on your phone. Even on your tablet, no chance. Maybe on your PC. Many projects have approved that's a dream.

Operator Systems

Mastering everything with help from Indian programmers. We extort them with threats, that we will give the tasks to cheaper African programmers.

i- & MacOS

We make also modified copies of FreeBSD deposits. With the only difference that we use a banana instead of an apple, otherwise they sue us.

you need help?

Is the internet broken, has google crashed down or is your phone unlucky?

Hesitate to contact us.
We can't fix everything!

Except of that one problem with Win 95, when you use plug'n pray. We know a guy how knows a friend of the programmer. 
He was that guy standing near of the founder of Microsoft on the Windos 95 presentation.
Since than he has gone underground. That's why the problem was never solved.
Maybe you can motivate him to correct this for Windows 10, 11 and Server.

Quality Assurance

Yes we look that our work is well made. We have a certain and we make sure that it does not stop us from thinking.

If one time our conscience should really plague us, than we will flush our brainwith many alcohol as available.

Very few of our Skills

Perfomance Reports

Be sure that it's at least the most thing that we don't do for you. 



Continuous Delivery

If you know what that is, than you know that you must pay a lot for it.


100% Bug-Fee


Bronson Castaneda

Yes he looks great, but you will look at him a view seconds. After that you will find it more important to look at the picture of "Carolina". Notice he is not our client. They decided to stay anonymous.

Carolina Warner

You will look maybe very long at her face, before you realize that you should read this text. You will notice that you don't remember the Surname of "Bronson".


If you have one of these, than spend a lot of time to search us on social media, only to realize that we aren't using them.

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